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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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assmatics vol 2 - Scene 3

"Why would the world's second largest aluminum producer loan to a man like manafort?"

I was orggasm and moaning as he thrust a finger deep into my pussy making me orgasm. As Yasmin's tongue worked it would lash against my plunging shaft cleaning off whatever secretions it gathered in Sofia's depths.

Anyway, she makes disgrace only for herself. With her face buried in his crotch he reached around and started to touch her.

assmatics vol 2 - Scene 3

Her height, which Veronica guessed was about five feet nine inches, was accentuated outside the flat by her penchant for high heels on her shoes and boots and Veronica reluctantly had to admit that the bitch did look good in the combination of boots, a short skirt and a tight top.

" My heart paused. " My lies were getting worse. Maybe several feet apart at least. Her moans get louder and louder as they waft out of the open window into the courtyard below, where a freshly arrived man - wearing the foreign armor of a knight stylized with a bear, looks up at the window in appreciation of overhearing a whore getting fucked Just like a whore like her deserves, whoever it is, the knight thinks.

"Hmm, what to do, what to do. " He slid his hand up her leg to the damp patch on her panties. "Whoops. "Morning. " As I started to leave the bathroom even more flushed then when I came in, she said "Come back on your next break and I will be in the last stall," She then blew me a kiss and I went back to work.

I like my girls in as little as possible. Her puckered asshole and wide lipped pussy were just inches from my face. Veemon who had been laying in their pool, suddenly dropped the magazine in a shock and ran to his friend.

It's just that it's like my favorite movie of all time.

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I'm the same.


Really? That's an amazing comment. You have the evidence for it?


Until they drag you off to Hell for your unbelief...


I have met both types of people, those that don't think he existed and all, and those that think he was just a man. Both tend to not accept the evidence based on presuppositions.


It's truly, it was eye opening for me.


The problem is creationisms constant attempts to get their voodoo pseudo distorted version of what they call science to be accepted as real science.


The Bible itself make very strong indications that it should be taken literally.


The religion is based on lies. So it is false and wrong concerning it's claims. It is just made up bullshit.


Due to the events in Eden.


Then what is this real life issue that atheists will have to kill multitudes of people?


Right now there is no scientific proof of where the conscience resides in the brain. In fact there was a new study out recently that theorizes the Brain operates on 11 dimensions. Think about that we can only observe our universe in 4 dimensions.


Do I need to spell out the difference between "should" and "are acceptable"?


The biblical myth. The creation myth is mythology, its not true.


I stumbled on to a web site a long time ago and it had a whole gallery of them. Very enlightening.


I do not have to listen to you.


Muhammad said that homosexuals should be thrown from tremendous height then stoned, so I am guessing the couple would have avoided such establishments.


You seem to have missed the point of the OP.


I am not attempting to change your mind. I learned long ago that zealots enjoy being confused.

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