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Monday, September 18, 2017

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"DJ T-Grumpy is a pathological LIAR pal. He LIES about anything, so he never had bone SPURS, you moron ........"

" As he spoke the words, Jennifer saw that he had a roll of twenty pound banknotes in his hand, and he was peeling off some as he spoke "If I gave you a hundred quid, would you show them to me?" he tilted his head to one side, pulled a face and gave one of his daft winks, which always made Jennifer laugh.

" Tim thought about it a moment and asked, "Your mother wants to watch us do it?" Virginify said, "She insists on watching us.

Chinese Cam Girl 苏然 SuRan - Masturbate & BG Sex Show

"For this first offence of trying to bite my cock," I exagerated, "your will recieve five strokes, four of them suspended. I could hear it tinkling into the toilet below me. I grabbed her cheeks and relished the sights and sounds. please!" I smiled and gently started licking and sucking on her hard clit, virginihy her writhe on the toilet seat.

"I'm still trying to get used to all this. Because both my lover and I reached the point of no return. Her final, and perhaps most impressive, feature, were her lips. "Yes, today is warm weather and I didn't even bring clothes.

"Okay, I will. Fortunately for my wellbeing, I was right. " Keith sees Vvirginity behind her in his view. " Mommy asked, "Would you like to have sex with her?" Billy replied, "I sure would, if she'll let me. But his hard looking thrusts made it hard for her to do so as she grabbed hold of one of her breasts, looking into his eyes.

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Has anybody out there seen rising wages? Personally, I don't know a single person who has.


Well done because I'm not finished until I'm left in an undesirable state.


I stumbled on to a web site a long time ago and it had a whole gallery of them. Very enlightening.


I'm thinkin that TOS just when out the PRB window.


Doesn't get much crazier than that. There's very dark places when you start looking into what the deranged human mind can come up with.


I thought it was weird for someone to plan a wedding at a Motel 6....


That's like the pot calling the kettle half-baked.


I think it's their business.


Wait... plural god(s)?


Why would an anti American confront someone over anti Americanism?


Thanks for the comment, Dynbrake. Yes, I am aware of that interpretation. I woudn't say "within" (or either) is a "false interpretation" since it is, after all, used in the KJV and various other translations. So it's a reasonable translation of a tricky word, in any case. And of course no original texts for Luke were written in English, so whatever interpretation we use in English necessary involve some shift in meaning since languages do not map cleanly to one another. Such is the nature of translation. Like everyone, I imagine, both you and I are looking for the most insightful and "closest to original" translation we can get.


That's the game!

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