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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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"What does a human named "Adam" in the Bible have to do with the age of the earth? Not many Christians believe God created everything in literal six 24 hour periods. Also, the Bible does not claim there are no gaps in any of the timelines does it?"

After A81 around mom's juicy cunt for a few moments, I moved to her asshole and started lapping and licking it with the tip of my tongue. " "I am, it'll be great to see her again. Tonight was Normaas night to be Dom Jimas slave-designate. ' Yeah, I know what that means.

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Having lost her lover and the fortune she'd been promised, she felt there was nothing left to lose. How many times have I fantasized about that. The ice was so bad that even in boots I still managed to fall down.

Jennifer sponged her body hard whilst the jets of warm water shimmered over her nakedness. Dan sighed, as he 3soje. She had been unhappy for a while now. You probably wont like the bands music, or this song I'm about to sing to you but, it had a lot of meaning to me, and, now that I love again, I want to play it for you" I smiled and began the song.

Drogo relaxed, his large hand fondled her cheek with less vigor before moving lower. I sat there crying trying to figure out what just had happened.

Mesmerized I trhnks this unexpected vision's breath increase as a silent, unblinking orgasm overtook her long, delicate body; cumming while never once taking her eyes off me. Shead had no trouble taking care of the name change he had ordered her to make. The stretching had opened her up nicely, and Jim was enjoying digging in deep.

Daenerys closes her desire-filled violet eyes, and drifts off to a short sleep, confident that no man could ever be better than her brother. I poked two fingers in to test the width. Planting a fleeting kiss on the cockhead of her older brother, Trunjs turns and props herself on her hands and her knees, the cold stone of the bedroom in Illyrio's manse chilling her palms and knees.

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Something something conservatives represent order, liberals represent chaos, Jungian archetypes!


You can remember it any way you want to. Just be careful how you describe it in court.


I block all thee time. I dont have time for internet arguments. ??


"who created the creator?" is an illogical question used by atheists to deceive themselves. How could a Creator being a creature at the same time? How could you create something already and eternally existed?


It does not matter...Fare thee well.


The church, especially the Christian faith is charitable, when they have the money to do so, otherwise, they only pay themselves first, selfishly.


So demanding that reporters and comedians be fired is illegal too?


You don't know how the rules of congress work, do you? It is not enough to have a simple majority to force things through one must have a super majority, which we do not yet have. November comes and your "blue wave..."


You can pick the perversions, but it changes nothing, of course. You can find parents who sexually abuse their children, but to say parenting is something bad and children should therefore be raised by the state or community would be fatuous.


Yes. And then your next comment on it was a load of shit so high I imagine we look like ants to you up there.


Says the moronic bitch too stupid to realize her family had GOOD REASONS for coming HERE!


They were so mad that a catholic became president they switched parties. We should've known they'd lose their minds when the first black president was elected. We get a woman president they'll go nuclear, literally, they'd probably destroy the world.


It was still the most intelligent comment I've read in at least a day.


Maybe they saw John the Baptist as one leading to the other in YESHUA.

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