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Friday, September 15, 2017

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"And mentally ill"

Her eyes begin to flutter and her voice lifts in pleasure as her body nears some unknowable plateau of pleasure. Her hand grasped at his hair as her thighs gripped his head, another orgasm sweeping through her as his tongue delved deeper, lapping up her juices as her body went rigid, then relaxed again.

At least on her they looked big.


It was so hot with him fucking my doggy style. "These double D's are mine bitch. He needed to be angry. From the corner of her eye, she had seen a cross-looking Kyla push hurriedly past her and dart into her own room, firmly closing the door. "I want penetratipn to get on your knees.

She brought my mouth to hers and our mouths, our tongues passionately embraced. The taste was sweet, yet sour. A car full of teenagers slowed to honk their horn and whistle as they passed. This seemed to snap everyone out of their stunned trance, and they went about their business.

George Boy penetrayion the door to greet his mother with a big hug.

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Why aren't you saying what you mean respectfully like a man instead of acting like a smart aleck teenager?


Monsters. It was their only draw. Now I gotta go to Denny's in protest.


Excellent questions. Asking them is the first step toward becoming a scientist.


You're confusing criminal behavior with irresponsible behavior. One can be the subset of another, but they are NOT the same. But back to your original claim, what makes furniture stores different?


So she's been kicked out the church. It doesn't sound right does it? Any follower of Jesus wouldn't put anyone through demands like these. I think they must be getting this stuff from an evil type of doctrine that their reading out. Try to encourage her to leave and get her to read the bible preferably the new King James version is good. Get her to read the commandments and she will see it doesn't include this. Their feeding her with lies. It could eventually make her ill. At the end of the day you can't force her you can only encourage.


No, the reason why it is legal and constitutional is because SCOTUS said so.


Woohoo! I win! Take that you rational fools: I got him to block me in like 3 posts!


Zimmerman is white after all...


You're giving me the warm fuzzies. :)


"Salvation". My, my, what's that? Escape (given to very few) from eternal torture? Well, yes, what a


Built in China but has a US don't see the flaws in that?


Conservatives like myself don?t support the few outback nutcases either.


So true, It's actually been the Left's despot's plans to destroy the economy of many of the FO states. I know that's where my angst emits. I love it, the tables have turned a bit in our favors.


Stalin?s being an atheist in no way contradicts my point, and whatever internecine conflicts the ROC experienced at the time are beside the point, as there was a very clear movement to support Stalin in exchange for semi-official status. The reason Stalin turned to the church in the first place was to combat the influence of fascist Christian churches that the N4zis were establishing along the Eastern Front.


Sorry... didn't have time to look it up so went with memory as to where the genealogy was in Luke.


There aren't any laws saying one has to violate their religion to take part in a wedding. Who was forced to attend a wedding?


Ted Nugent is not a member of congress or the senate. And Nugents comment came AFTER he was at the white house.


Try a boooooooosting....


I think there's more to Lewinsky than meets the eye. Her daddy at the time of her following Clinton around like a puppy dog, was a big Republican in the LA area. I'm really not so sure he didn't set his daughter up to take down Clinton. Something is just not right with this whole picture. If you flaunt it, there are very few men who will decline. Having said that, she may have just been a young, stupid girl with few brains at the time. It was consensual foreplay....not the sexual act. Does Clinton owe her an apology? It's been twenty year now and it's a little too late to belabor the whole thing. No one would suggest he go anywhere near her so an apology is out of the question and has always been. Is Clinton sorry, of course he is....he got caught and he's more sorry he hurt his wife and daughter I'm sure. They worked it out with counseling so more power to them.


Pretty serious stuff if it is true. Allowing foreign agents access to the congressional servers were all sorts of data could be stolen and sent back to Pakistan. Would the FBI again say the Democrats were just too stupid to know what they were doing was negligent or wrong?


If you feel it appropriate to disbelieve me and make up my actions as you go, then I feel it appropriate to point out that this scenario is not at all similar to what a real abortion scenario would be. For the most part, abortions are not "one or the other" decisions.


I think it also important to remember that it was Mueller that screwed up the prevention of the Boston Marathon bombing. There are people missing limbs because of his incompetence.


"having any life outside of pleasing them is being selfish." you've said it all XD


Why is telling the truth about religion rude? There are a lot of people who are kind of on the fence when it comes to religion or politics. I debate fundamentalists and right wingnuts so that these more impartial people can see that I have very good arguments and evidence on my side and the people I debate do not. I don't have to prove anything. When I post the claim that the Passover Event is a complete fiction and the Egyptians know nothing of it or the Hebrews ever even being in Egypt, people can easily check this out for themselves and find out it's true. The fundies won't because they're afraid of the truth but others are seeking the truth about things and when they find it they dump their religion like a hot potato. People like you who think they already have the truth have stopped looking for it.


I haven?t once stated that there is any evidence for abiogenesis. That?s another lie.


She's ugly man... ARE YOU BLIND?


It's not going to happen. You'll see "The Conners" with everyone but Rosie before that. Opening scene, Rosanne gets hit by a bus as she Ambien tweeting.


You said: The best example is when biological evolutionists claimed that the vast majority of DNA is "junk" when in recent years, this idea has been proven false by a no other than theistic scientists.:


Puffy or crunchy?


Many have tried to disprove the existence of Jesus and failed. Some have converted as a result.


How can we make this happen?


You wouldn't know a rant if it bit you in the leg!

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