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Saturday, December 9, 2017

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"Atheism is a religion. Marxism must have atheism to be true to its political doctrine."

She shot up a couple of inches, her breasts grew larger, and she lost that baby fat that had been hanging on for years.

He found his imagination sorely lacking when, ten minutes later she was sat on the edge of his desk, her panties discarded and her dress bunched around her waist as his tongue slowly travelled the hman of her smooth, waxed slit.

Yet, at the same time he was a stranger to her. She knew the nice guys humsn the ones she was supposed to like, but it never lasted more than a year with anyone. He opened his eyes, dropped his duffel and hurried across the room. "three - when asked any questions, you will always answer with the truth, otherwise you will not talk, although lebsian moaning, crying and screaming is allowed under punishment or when being used".

There was a tinkle of breaking glass, the window in front of him cracked and she slumped forwards. She cried out. Craig leaned up to start undressing her, but Jaime was having none of it and pushed him back down.

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For the two instances that are on my brain, in one I was initially asked to be the maid of honor, and the other I was to be a bridesmaid. In the latter, I'd even paid the non-refundable deposit for the ugly bridesmaid dress she chose. For both of those couples, it was more important to me to be a witness to their union. Not being included left me feeling


There is but one God


Nihilistic atheism - resentment for religious institutions, philosophy that nothing can be known and all values are meaningless, not necessarily a worldview but more of a negative or fatalist worldview.


Not every Mod here is as negatively mentally impacted by religion as the mod I am sure you are noticing.


We won, more people voted for Hillary! That's why nobody is going along with scumbag conservative policies. Or did you not notice that? Conservatives can't stop LOSING!


I have lots of good ideas.


Why's it matter? He's murdered people, he's done shot himself in the head 75 some odd years ago, he's dead. Let's not make the same mistake.


Whoa... that's... kinda a great idea.


not in my home or at a bar but when I am in the presence of an actual person (like at a stadium) singing the anthem, I stand. He's free to take a knee if he wishes but people see that as disrespectful so he should expect backlash from public opinion and impact upon his career especially in the sports industry which is essentially entertainment it is good business practice to keep your political opinions to yourself so you do not alienate a group of your consumers.

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