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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

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HOT College Fuck Fest

"Bologna is for kids and old people. LMAO!"

Karina had really interesting times in her trip. I did my best to interject here and there, but for the most part, let the two dear old friends enjoy each other's sorely missed company.

HOT College Fuck Fest

Luke stood outside in grim silence, visualizing the bodies of his adopted parents dissapear into Rehead fine ash. I saw the flesh of her ass cheek ripple a bit as I did so, and I enjoyed seeing that.

For all I knew, she had rejected it herself. Standing 5'4, she weighed 110 lbs, none of it fat. promising, obviously a pair of your wifes (you have the defeated look of the "pussy-whipped" husband).

I was happy to be working at the car lot with Redhezd dad showing me the business. Mikey was beginning to think that her Grandfather might live.

"Oh. " Keith begins to head out, nodding goodbye RRedhead Ray. He did not hold back when he started with the paddle on her again and when she begged him to stop, he didn't.

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That?s just made-up horeshit. Cite your evidence for that statement.




Always favored narwhals. Unicorns of the sea.


It's the last thing he has to worry about. Dating is exhausting.


You just admitted that the Psalms are poetry, yes?


You just hastily responded to about 20 of my posts with nothing but anger and childish bleats and you call others triggered?


Tell them about your concern, or maybe the blind guys are just collectors


Do you deny that laws of Pakistan are based on Sharia and presribe punishment for blasphemy of Islam? How is this fact demeaning to all Muslims? Are you claiming all Muslims without exception support Sharia and value it more than human lives?


Awful because at least two were plagiarized and none of them were actual Cherokee recipes or had anything to do with the Cherokee tribe. You keep defending those recipes all you want though. Its hilarious.


You call him a "he".


Ask Donald J. Trump. He has managed to trash his reputation several times:


I didn't say he was defaming MLK or anything; if anything, I agree he was distinguishing him from the vengeful & vindictive Christians. But the fact remains that MLK was a Christian by any definition except the one Hitch pulled out of his arse.


Ever read 'Godel, Escher, Bach - An Eternal Golden Braid'? You might enjoy it if you have not.


Just one point about empathy - bullies and psychopaths are very empathetic - that's how they know how to hurt people effectively.


STOP Sir T!! lol


Not defending his ideas - but Ockham's razor is NOT some sort of Universal law. Quantum mechanics proves that quite nicely.


Yet, again, we see millions of Muslims not practice sharia.

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