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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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"From what? A situation Europe and America created?"

He was trying not to stare, but failed miserably. "Damn. Natalie blushed, ashamed by the answer, "Yes sir, that was the best orgasm of my life".

POV Hot Russian Blonde Face Fuck Deepthroat and Facial

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I heard a knock on my door. He was trying not to stare, but failed miserably. He gently grabbed her and pulled her into him. In a move that was, for Brian, beyond bold, he grabbed the girl firmly under the arms and lifted her upper body off the floor. " Immediately she knew she had made a mistake, and a half breath later her brother's hand confirmed her thoughts with a painful SMACK to her ass, causing her to arch her back and gasp in pain.

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It is clear, for those who heard and payed any attention to his message and his asking for money at the end of the message.


Science denier covers all areas of science denial.


He created us.If you create a sentient being who insists on being not following your mercy, what are yo going to do?


The people that did not enter into the ARK and eat Revelations to the point of transfiguration will all be crushed by HIS Glory which HE comes with that is 7x brighter than that of the sun. Those that did enter the ARK and ate Revelations to the point of transfiguration will be transfigured by the same Glory that HE comes with. The Sun shall be switched off, and the Light of Eden will light the earth that will also be transfigured by the same Glory.


Circumcision does not equal child abuse.


You haven't explained how that works or changes anything. How does that help to align findings with Bible-mentioned rulers and reigns?


He most certainly will pass first, and run on to and pass second, then third, and finally in for the home run!


I would welcome the Canadians to burn the WH now in the middle of the night with the current occupant fast asleep.


Many economists disagree with those statements about capitalism failing in the near future. I believe they are credible, however I don't want to stray too far off topic debating that.


Who said this was a debate? It's your premise I'm trying to win. A debate implies you're going to stick to your point of view until the end. I'm simply having a discussion. I gave you a point of view, you dismiss, I don't care. If you want to feel you "won" then go ahead. Put a trophy up on your shelf if you like.


Trump is damaging his own country's economy. Nothing admirable about that.


I think the plurality of Mormons still live in America, and the doctrine definitely still seems to have an American perspective.


Whatever we do based on not believing in something? That?s just silly. I don?t believe in yetis, are my actions based a yeti?


Prince Charles has arrived.


Abortions = cost savings


Because their worldview of atheism has to explain everything. You personally don't have to you can just believe everything began to exist when you did. But if you going to carry atheism out to its endpoint you have to explain the universe from an atheistic standpoint. I'm just pointing out some of the huge problems and logical fallacies of that worldview.


"Of course my argument isn't evidence of anything - it's a statement of the obvious."


call my name!


Yesterday's show had a second act? I'll need to go back and catch up.


At the moment I'm just not talking to her about it. My wife and my parents do, but me and her just haven't. She's 3 though, so it's not like she remembers too much of Christmas. She was calling Santa "Hohoho" last year. Her daycare provider is a devout Muslim, so I expect she's not getting too much popular culture exposure for Santa.


Ok, time for a 3-day timeout. You know better. See you in a few days.


Good morning JAW and welcome back. I know, I know but I'm being 100% optimistic here. There may be a few loose cannons in the PC party but the NDP is just full of fruit baskets. I'm sticking with my prediction of a PC majority like I've stated from day one.


Not at all, it IS entirely possible to do that. I don't know that it is necessary, however. Let me ask you this: would you allow students to choose what subjects they study or go to school at all? Or do you believe that there are things they need to learn.


True, I just think Christianophobia expresses it better.


We just won a travel ban and another abortion law and that is losing?

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