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Thursday, October 12, 2017

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Since they were both involved in rebel actions against violent establishments themselves, why would you even ask such a question? Do you deny that the establishments they confronted violently opposed democratic and fair change in society?


btw, until today, I don't think I knew you were Canadian. No wonder I think you;re so smart! ;-)


Big words confuse you, I see.


i've often thought the same! how can you still be a pastor and never be there??


And you avoided the question... What would *you* do? Not what you


I mean Warriors dynasty.


I'm glad you didn't have that experience.


You can't really say that until you have been to Japanese resteraunts in Dusseldorf.


Actually if "history speaks" Clinton and Obama hold records for letting dangerous felons out of prison. Trump, as recent "history speaks" puts dangerous felons away.


In my opinion, this is way more important than continuing to bitch and moan about Maxine Waters, Red Hen, and Sanders.


I don't think that's why they need a God. It's certainly not why I need a God.


Not to mention annoying, right?


Please give me any actual mention of them. Why is it so important


Stay uninformed. Do you lack the ability to scan information?


My mother loves me. If what is professed in the bible is actually love, I want nothing to do with it, and this god of yours can go to hell.


Again, your doing it wrong. Stop telling me what?s wrong with evolution. It doesn?t matter even a little if evolution is all bunk. You?ll still be no closer to proving that your demon did it.


good, real good ... you moving?


Your claims, relative to the need for proof, the lack of any need for leaps of faith, the value of peer review, its necessity before one makes any claims, etc, are all unsuported, unprovable, leaps of faith. Your views are fairly obviously self-contradictory. Insulting those who point this out to you, just demonstrates your irrationality.


I wouldn't dare guess what he'll do next. I wouldn't have actually believed that he'd do something like this being how long he's commented here at BN. That being said, I don't see what the big deal is in regards to this article. I don't find it honestly much of a story at all and certainly nothing to get upset over. I don't agree with Rudy Giuliani, but everyone is free to their opinions on whom they choose to respect.


Just want to point out that a few guys writing about burning down jewish buildings, is largely different from the concentration of muslim 'terrorists' actually committing those acts.


Good point! If he don't he'd have to sit...


And his orange complexion could mean she eats lots of asparagus


GSW. Oh you said realistic.......I Bron has to make a lot of sacrifices to post for Pop. And Pop also is going to have to concede some restrictions as well. Would be the first time Bron has played for a all time great coach


Stalin and Mao pale compared to him


Big words confuse you, I see.


Nonbelievers, by which I mean me, don't 'assume there's no god', we merely don't see evidence for one.

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