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Sunday, October 1, 2017

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"take a deep breath dude!!! it is your spirit, for when you stop breathing then your spirit will leave your dead body and will face the judgment.. for it is written, "it is appointed unto man once to die and after that the Judgment ! :) make sure before you leave your flesh container, that you are in right relationship with your creator ... for, if you are not so, then it's gonna be a very bad day...a hellava day!!!"

As she briefly waited for the water to heat up to the correct temperature Jennifer realised with horror that the money was Coplege on the table in the lounge.

Do it before Tim does something stupid.

" I did as instructed. Everyone calls me Tony, and knows I'm bi, so yeah. But Veronica easily gets her share of interested looks as well, for as Kyla is the first to say she looks hot when she takes the trouble.

She ran her hands over Veronica's chest, seeming to take great pleasure from cupping the smaller but firm breasts in her palms and stroking in circles around the stiffly prominent nipples. Once I finished, I just started strumming my own tune.

You got nothin' on me!" "I would advise you to maintain control over your client," Gail said. Mom sat up properly again and grabbed the base of my dick with one hand and took the cock head into her mouth, slurping and sucking on it.

His reply threw me gurls a second. She did another reverse turn, this time bringing her pussy up between Veronica's spread legs and pushing it wetly against her cunt.

There were different payment plans, but the end girl was that the Bestiality School was making a boat-load of money. AS part of my dominance game, I always insist that they remove their lower clothing an carry it so that their legs, arse and package are bare to the world and wear a pair of "fuck-me" stilletto heels I give them.

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she deserves it, so do many others of her stripe, she can eat shit and die.


Show god exists. If you cant show its true then you don't know its true. Science doesn't assert that which it cant show true- as true. Why do you think your "knowledge" gets a pass? Why do you think yours doesn't need to be falsifiable- that's how we overcome our own fallibility... we don't just go with what we like or what seems most comforting. Fun fact: there are lots of philosophers far more versed in metaphysics and epistemology who came to a far different conclusion about deities than yourself. As one so put it-


Did you type that with a straight face? Trying to hold down the bile? I mean, if you are not in the first year of college, this is incredibly naive. I will commend you on noticing that Conservatives work while liberals play.


While I realize this is a popular news story, I'm asking for answers with the details I gave and not on the actual story in the news. The reason being, the story in the news isn't an isolated incident and while this couple had other options in their area, many others do not. I also didn't specify gay/straight/etc because I wanted to talk about the more broad implications of business owners refusing customers based on disliking or not agreeing with their personal lives.


But you were personally invited. That is not to be taken lightly.


And yet, in the US we have many examples of Christian ideology and theology into our laws and other things. Examples are Christians pushing laws like DOMA or anti-abortion laws, or prayers in schools. Look at the current administration, surrounded by Evangelicals.


And if you believe nonsense why do you need to go on a forum?


When it's not behind closed doors. Lol Even then, he'll think I left the house like that. Smh


Yep. And now we are free from Laws.


Your walnut may just be more intelligent than albert einstein.


Apologetics 101? ????????


Yet you focus entirely on Muslims and try to pass your inherent hatred of them.


Little cornmeal, fried til almost burned.


I am guessing that revving the P is what would get the car moving at optimal speed.


No, simple math requires knowing that 1 + 1 = 2.


It is a metaphor - but for what exactly?


Ugh...really? What did the email say?


Read Merriam-Webster for the other seven, all of which do not exclude the requirement for evidence.


You want a Nice girl who knows how to be naughty... has been naughty... is INTERESTED in BEING naughty.....BUT... who now knows that the long-term game requires settling down and working hard on a relationship ( which YOU also hopefully know as well).


You're not just left of're way over there in Left Field when it comes to Liberal media and tbh, you argue it very well. I wasn't trying to insult you about the "Veteran card", just got a feeling that when you get called out on liberal views, you revert back to a certain status. I do that to sometime and center back to what I know and feel comfortable with.


That sums up the conversation.

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