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Friday, October 13, 2017

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"Stop talking about "rocks" or what others would call "minerals" or "inorganic matter"."

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Latina girlfriend gives bbc sloppy blowjob for doggystyle creampie

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But of course... To copy a Grey Poopon commercial...


Delusional Donnie embarrassing America again with his ignorance.


That joke is so awful. I love it.


Bargain compared to average divorce.


omg. seriously. Dude, please take a seat and be silent.


?...undermining this order....? is all our current President does.


I'm not Jewish, and Peter in the New Testament made clear that sumptuary laws and dietary laws did not apply to Christians. None of the New Testament appears to overturn or revise the doctrine around chastity.


I have watched the speakers in Hyde Park Corner in London (and yes, some actually do stand on a soap box) and that, while annoying within earshot, is fine even though I have to move out of earshot.


So the fact that the results of abortuaries are dead babies is a problem to you Liberals? Like Jack Nicholson said "You can'handle the truth!."


I believe in a different religious narrative.


1. Aren't they allowed to do it when they are older?


And again you begin replying before anyone could read all that's been said and have time to give a thoughtful reply.


How is it not comparable?


So you have nothing beside your own warped assumptions.


One more gem of fury and frustration for everyone:


Should 'doing god's work' be non-taxable?


Lol, well I don't mind that... it's just that the girl who redid it was really bad at it at that lol. Couldn't dance, subpar voice. And, it's like... did you listen to the song? This is part of what it was criticizing?


I have seen it covered. This guy is a nut job, she?s an elected official. That said he should jailed for incitement to violence immediately.


Heh, ok, so you don't live in the US. In fact, it sounds like you're stuck in social media land. That's mind-corrupting. I hope you can leave that behind you someday for the real world.


Jesus also taught that we are all God in the flesh, and quoted scripture to affirm said truth.


I'm not going to get in a pissing match with you.


It is proof to me, Eye am witness, just as it was the very first day after Jesus rose up from the grave. and in 300 years the Romans could not stop it!!! though they tried, and eventually after Constantine they , the Romans surrendered to the weakest people in their dominion :) LOL!!!!!! super funny it is!!! LOL!!! :)


Does that not answer your questions?


You believe what other people have told YOU. Many can see how false it is. Sorry you cannot.

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