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Thursday, October 19, 2017

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"Yeah. And it was a respected restaurant too!"

Nancy walked in and greeted Gsy Mom and kissed her on the cheek. " she said with a serious face. I made sure to nuzzle her a little with my nose too.

She then shocked me even more by leaning close and whispered in my ear.

Preferring to use to little rather than to much, he spread a scant layer on the tip of his cock and did the same to her pretty little asshole. "Yes my mom," he replied with a smile. Let's see crap, it's been almost a month, and I've been with at least fifteen guys for filming.

"Hmmm, he does seem uncoucious still. "Hello gerald. At first she simply took the bell-end into her mouth, then released it quickly. (The parts got messed up on my computer, and 4 is 3, 5 is 4, so technically this Gya is part Five, but ill just call it part 6 for less confusion) Shall I continue.

"SHHH" she whispered and put her finger over her ruby lips, as the unknown guy walked out. Her husband had been rich, but it wasn't his money she was interested in. "I never had a whore like you before baby," he said grunting while grinding into her.

She knew she shouldn't, but by now she was so turned on that she would've agreed to almost anything. The pain quickly became hus entire world, as his his feet were subsumed by an invisible flame, withering away at an ever increasing pace.

Then the ock. Betty enjoyed these moments, and basked in his ogling gaze. I felt hot breath inches from my sac and suddenly a tongue bathed my balls in saliva.

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No dear, it's Trump supporters who are shooting themselves in the foot with their racism and bigotry. Hillary was right, at least half of his supporters are a basket of deplorables.


Tch. Don't get your panties in a twist. The context is simply this: there is no room for religion in medical science. Period full stop. And I'll comment as I see fit.


MTM. Thanks , I recently signed on for that service. I will look,


Your definition of gluttony needs some work. "Excessive eating and drinking"


I don't get it anyway XD


It is myth. If you prefer you can say some historical fiction mixed in. Certainly the stories are fable.


So no Victoria's Secret for you, actually to be honest that store makes me uncomfortable


I am not religious. Your mindset is far from mine. I have left Sodom and Egypt and are in Bethel. You have intense terrestrial upbringing. I am being taught of heaven, and are going through intense Celestial upbringing. It is you that is in bondage, and don't even know it.


Thank you. I'm not going to bash all gun owners. Like I said, I own guns myself. But it's high time to be responsible about it.


Psalm 12:6; John 17:17 as written by the Holy Ghost. If it is pure and truth, it is infallible.


Yep. I remember we share the same year!


This mindset is a huge reason why I'd never be a stay-at-home mom. I've seen way too many men use the stay at home thing as a weapon. They get resentful. Even if the house is always clean, kids are organized and well taken care of, dinners and lunches are always done...they get resentful.


Since homosexuality isn't a sin, he didn't actually say what you think he did.


I accept that you?d rather insult than argue.


It is not a load of crap. Sorry, you don't get to decide that. I was only speaking of the US, I only cared about the US, the article was about the US. US culture is different than other cultures.


So its a fact in your mind that its reasonable to allow known murderers to immigrant into our country? You can't be serious.


We are talking about the Hebrew names Jews gave to the various places they lived. Nothing to do with Roman names, local names, or anything else. And there were Jews throughout the Roman Empire before the destruction of the Temple.


Lol. Soft is what we have these days. Real men of the past are few and far between these days.


The history recorded in the Bible is not fiction. I've discovered and learned personally that the word of God is true. Use the KJV as your main Bible. And considering that you have turned to God in sincere repentance, and sincerely seeked God in prayer about His word, then you should know God and His word. But you don't. And you are lying about Him.


and the jews of the Rhineland.


Sinless? Jesus was an habitual liar who repeatedly lied about the end of the world being imminent 2,000 years ago. Oops.


Wedding cake has nothing to do w/liking or disliking.


Have you ever seen any of their TV. We have watched a couple of series on Netflix and they are excellent. Oddly, when Danes, Swedes, etc appear, everyone switches to English.

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