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Friday, October 13, 2017

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"Secular non-bias evidence does NOT mean an Atheist must produce it."

"You're gonna have my baby. I started rolling them lightly in my fingertips. I felt myself turning red.

BBW Interracial anal creampie delight

Her head then went low and all I heard was a slight gagging noise. "Oh yes-" "Do you remember why we stopped playing, daddy?" She prodded. The pain was unimaginable and she didn't think she could take anymore. Unsure of where to hide it, she burst into the bedroom, and hastily tugged her underwear drawer open.

pids time pantyohse bed," "I do have 010 game tomorrow," John said breaking our kiss. Without pause, the mouth from below mimicked the action, this time I could feel a tongue pressed firmly against my underside. They'd been at it on the wedding day, and almost every day since returning from the honeymoon.

"Your family that I looked after while you were locked up because you couldn't leave the criminal life behind. "Pee over his face" she instructed TK and Kari.

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I just love the quirky older houses. We've tried and missed on a few.


End it. Leopards don't change their spots.


Actually I have and it wasn't long before I could see more inflation for Ontarians....More foreign welfare paid for by Ontarians....More civil service employee's waiting to feast at the taxpayer trough....More debt...More restrictive taxes...Probable taxes on inheritances...Then I threw up and decided to vote for anybody but Andrea.


Wrong dickturd. I'm Independent and a staunch critic of Trump, but I'm very happy to see these men released. Two points to take away: 1. You want to push the narrative that Liberals hate this because lets face it, this is what RINO's do. 2. Trump actually thanked N. Korea and said these men were treated "excellent" by Kim. Shameful and disgusting, but quite expected.


Human Rights background, rainbow Disney lapel pin?this guy wouldn?t happen to be a registered Democrat by any chance?


so, you feel 2 wrongs make a right? Not me


Ugh....another school shooting, high school in texas????


And have been for decades. He short changes them in so many ways, from not actually paying them to not paying taxes for them to work for him. He has been reaping millions and millions off the backs of these undocumented workers. That part of the equation is never addressed by Washington either: Why aren't the companies that hire these undocumented workers being penalized???


The idea of an old man cutting an 8 day old baby's penis and then sucking it clean is disgusting. Religious or not, it should be stopped.


Well, you are certainly making these comments fun. I love music &

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