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Thursday, October 12, 2017

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"Just like nobody knows gods do exist."

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Well it appears to be the case that we both live in the 21st century currently. The ToE is well supported and accepted by 90% of the world while Christianity is accepted by 2 billion people out of 7.4 billion. It seems people have looked at your claim and determined in is without warrant/justification.


You may just come across someone and you'll know instantly - they need to meet.


You cared enough to ask. You card enough to ignore the Bible. Don't you feel foolish?


Actually both. But yeah I think Moroni was the more pertinent to the story (regarding the golden plates). (Search I did came up with 24 angels visiting him)


Coming over and starting shyt is uncalled for so why did you start it with me


Proselytizing is like panhandling. It certainly isn't going to win you any friends in High School.


At this point you couldn't pay me to go out of the country... especially to anywhere English isn't the primary language.


Most people who come to this religious section are either totally against Christianity or are Christians. I haven't seen anyone change their minds. For me the more I read of what atheists say and what is happening in the world, the stronger my faith gets.


And the valid evidence to support this claim is ......


Well if you?re a Christian you?re the exception.


Picard reference. You might be OK =P


When it comes to Theology I prefer to start with first principles, thus I start with what I


Thanks for the accusation, but it's not accurate.


My neighbor's son and my son were the same age (5) and sometimes they would watch TV in the den where I was on my computer. I remember the boy saying, "He's nice looking," referring to a boy on the TV. I did not say anything at the time. He would also wear cologne and he liked to dress up. Fast forward 12 years - my son reports that the boy is gay and has come out at school.


Pretty soon poor ole Shawsy will have everyone blocked. LOL!


Oh - one other thing.


Unfortunately, It follows the same path of logic. Ridiculous or not.


Off topic trolling.


Mod note: None of that please.


I'm not sure what they're trying to say here.....


It's not sex with a child... I guarantee the principle watches porn on his office computer


It?s not irrelevant


That's deep. I never heard that before. What's it mean?

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