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Friday, November 10, 2017

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Babysitter Pops Your Cherry

"eating hot dog buns on Fridays (Erisian)"

" I rolled my eyes and cut her words short, " Oh shut up your body is hot as dlrty, and not all guys are into big tits Liz, hell I actually prefer them your size. I guide you with my hand gripping your cock as you trail me blushing, but with no amateyr of disobeying me.

Taking only a twenty with a wicked smile Kim tucked it into her bra, saying, "I don't want to overcharge. She was nervous, and wanted to turn back, like she had done before.

Babysitter Pops Your Cherry

She was going to be substituting for another of Dom Jimas slaves, and he might do things a tad different with his other girls, than he did with her. " He ventured off in another direction and Hayly took out her laptop so she could play some online games with the fellows.

"Oh hey Tony. All three of us moaning with unmitigated pleasure. "Oh my god!" I gasped as his cock began to grow. By now her nightie had ridden up, exposing her inner thighs and panties and my hands had somehow found their way under her nightie and were now settled in on her midriff.

It's so good!" "OK, silly," she answered, calmly. Apparently he just pulled up to a bus stop to give them a nice long look at her lips spreading, wet and juicy as she speeds her way to a climax on his two fingers, rooting around inside her.

"AHhh," the young man moaned out.

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I didn?t mention terrorists in the OP


One drop for the cat, one for me...another drop for the cat, two more for meeee.....


So the gravity reading reads zero--that's a reading; that's a measurement!!! The proof is once again in the pudding.


Then he should stop msking gay people


I truly believe that the only thing Donald Trump prepares for is dressing in his big golf pants & eating. He obviously wings everything else.


Well the woman that wrote that article is an officer, anyone in the military knows officers are the laziest do-nothings in the military. So, I don't really have any respect for her opinions on what the enlisted do. Also, she comes across as the type of woman to blame another woman for being raped because she had a short skirt on. Then she states a reason to not have women in the infantry is because it will make cases of sexual assault/harassment increase, again, she is blaming the victims here. I appreciate your BF's service, but I don't agree. I only know what I've seen and experienced.


In what way?


no, the anger comes from giving a logical argument and the believer, whom likely is very intelligent and accomplished, refuses logic when it comes to god. I'm not referring to god's existence, either. I'm referring to the stories of the bible. The only sensible and logical answer to the bible is that they are teaching stories. When a believer starts rationalizing murder and genocide and rape and slavery, etc that gets me angry


PP isn't allowed to use governmental funds to abort anything, so that isn't true


It was a Pace picante commercial of Cowboys sitting around a fire and the competition is mfg in NJ... yeah few years back.


The ceremony but not the reception? Seems odd to me, but I suppose that there are folks who would prefer this. (Maybe Grandma just wants to witness you making it "legal". Maybe Grandma doesn't want to witness your rowdy friends getting drunk and banging each other in the coat closet. What kind of friends do you have, anyway? Jeezus. Don't embarrass Grandma.)


Yep! This has to be more than a one state problem.


He withheld a service from them because they were gay.


in that case, let me amend - Who CARES? Shove it.


Nope. They wer paying off the debt TOO quickly at the expense of the economy. This one of the many feelings of conservative economic policy. A preponderance towards worrying about debt whilst ignoring the other contributing factors to a strong economy.


Someone broke into my house last night. My kitchen was ransacked. All my prized recipes are missing. I found a tuft of fur and a trail of Red Bull. Police are baffled. Happy Friday.


I have yet to read them, but it is on my list.


Me, too. Ever watched Untamed Heart?


I read that. I say good for him.


Wrong. The Bible gave us the basis for human equality, of course.


You have no such "proofs".


Almost all of your "facts" about Trump and Hillary Clinton are from far right propaganda news. The VAST majority have been shown to be either outright lies or grossly misrepresented. You can pick any one of your criticisms of Hillary, (who I am NOT a fan of) state it, and if you REALLY are interested, I will provide you with the facts of the story. I worked for many years as a fact checker for a major publishing company where they could get sued for millions of dollars if I did not do my job correctly and it never happened that my facts were questioned. So I am ready when you are.


When were you ever a ruler of anything to make that determination?


As in God wrote it personally? No.


Exactly. And I don?t want someone guessing. This one?s too important.


Let's try again.


Benny Goodman is rolling over in his grave. Big Band is real!


Tried a new app last night. Had a hard time getting to sleep lately. It's called Relax Melodies. It does things light fireplace sounds, rain, trains, windchimes. etc etc. It even does pure white noise and you can mix and match. I tried campfire and rain on the roof and it put me right out. Anybody else use a white noise generator or something like this to help falling asleep?


Why don't you think before bleating utter nonsense. And by the way, aren't all those illegals entering Canada, coming from the US?


In women long hair represents youth, innocence and by extension virginity. Women have long hair when young but cut it when they give birth. So it's a signifier also of fertility.


Never allow yourself to be insulted by an atheist.


So you are a Pink Floyd fan, eh?


Actually--fun story--one of the relics in Rome is a sacred picture of Jesus that is reputed to have fallen from the sky in the 4th Century. And it's painted by God!

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