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Thursday, December 28, 2017

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"It's not even cold outside!"

Doesn't feel right. They were anticipating millions of submissions.

All Natural MILF enjoys Anal Fucking POV

As she entered the bar and grill, Jaime found the place packed with customers. I just smiled at him as I unsnapped his pants dropping them around his ankles.

In the ten months he had had the job, only once had he seen anybody. Mom's largish, milky white ass looked wonderful, and the wide deep curve of each buttock cheek made a fabulous shaped arch from her lower back to the tops of her thighs.

I released the pony's balls and grabbed hold of his spear.

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The same can?t be said for the other quadrillion?s of potential life that would have been but never was.


So. I assume what you are saying is we (Christians) should not be involved in politics. correct?


"Then do not be a Catholic. Simple solution."


Well, pretty sure there isn?t a scene in the Bible where God literally is sucking balls... but given that god knew Adam would be convinced by a serpent and Eve to eat some bad fruit and then consequently give billions of babies cancer, I think is a dick move.


Thanks for your response.


The issue is not that the woman felt offended and that she filed a complaint. It is that the complaint is being taken seriously. When institutions deign things like this as valid cases of sexual harassment it undermines whether people are taking these things seriously, or if we're just too busy fixing problems to determine whether they're actually tackling real problems or not.


Yes a shell game. One company that doesn't pollute sells credits to another that does, no reduction in emissions just millions of dollars exchanging hands. The Ontario government already admitted that Cap & Trade wasn't about the environment, it was about the revenues. A shell game that the low-info crowd believes is action against climate change.


How do they know it is a mix between a fish and a crocodile?


Sometimes I've had tepid responses when telling people we're homeschooling. Almost like they're trying to backup slowly..


Trump is going to spend his fortune on laxatives and antacids ^..^


Applicable to high school children. Being perfectly honest in the subject, way more adults threaten, maim or kill their loved ones with firearms than kids.


I bet you're just a blast at parties.


Name one person in politics that doesn't.


My BIL has a pit bull that just runs around like, well, a large, needy pit bull, while my dog is just cowering in a corner. The ONLY time he's taken that dog to my house, I pretty much stood looking in horror at every move that dog made.


""If we lived in a universe that was not just created for us, human life would be implausible."


and you are being purposely obtuse.


You are falling into the trap of claiming 'all' of any one group is anything. There are things called 'predispositions'-that is a way of saying the odds are tilted one way or the other-which is generally the case in these types of scenarios. The fact that something has exceptions does not invalidate the general thesis. Aspergers folks can be quite frustrated in their social interactions- I've seen it MANY times on discussion groups.


So you want to repeat the mistakes made with Clinton?

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