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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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Emily Bloom & Serena - Cucumber Loving

"I must admit it is a reproduction of the somewhat eroded original, both in the British Museum."

" I started, "Really. I am feeling a little embarrassed at myself. When she did so, Kyla swung across to kneel between her lover's outflung legs, and reached forwards.

Emily Bloom & Serena - Cucumber Loving

As much as I tried to act nonchalant and collected, I couldn't get the carnal scene from earlier out of my head, the imprint of her unblinking, orgasmic eyes burned into my memory. "I think I understand," he said, "Clearly Claires unhealthy relationship with her father gave you the idea that there might be things that you find difficult to talk to me about, so instead decided to act it out.

Of course, if you weren't fucking comatose, I wouldn't have gotten my dick in you huh?" Brian laughed at his own joke and wondered if he hadn't gone crazy; thunderrlight at least temporarily. (Just a Preview, What do you guys think.

He picked her up, his hands cupping her firm arse cheeks as she wrapped her legs around him, her arms still tight around Rerhead neck. One of the first points of irritation for Veronica was Kyla's habit of wandering about the flat with very little on often just bikini panties or a thong, combined with a bra, a skimpy halter-neck or a cut-off T-shirt, in her ankle-socks or barefoot.

"Show me some teeth, bite my nipple," I moaned out into his ear as I bounced my butt on his cock. Then, he realized what he was doing, and would always act a bit sheepish. Nancy is in the Bathroom Puking, George Boy responded.

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Of course abiogenesis is the cause of life on Earth. Of course life evolved. We are a species of knowledge because we appreciate the unseen causation behind things. That's what makes us inquire.


You will either acknowledge your hypocrisy or you won?t.


Of course. I wish that people didn't call atheists immoral for not believing in gods. But the problem with your wish is that if a religious person for a second considers that another's god is just as valid then they really just stopped believing in their god. If they say atheists are just as good as theists then they are saying why bother with a god belief at all. It really is a competition for members.


Anyway, have a blessed day.


I have a sense of humor


But then girls would be killing just as much. We watch those same movies.


Why are we spending resources to lock up people like this for life?? Absolutely no common sense in our criminal justice system.


Where does the white go when the snow melts? God knows.


I don't believe in a religion per-se, I believe in the spiritual view of the world that my ancestors from my Dad's side--the Anshinaabe, believed. That everything is in balance and we are no better or worse than anything else in nature. I believe that they developed this philosophy by applying logic to what they observed in nature and in human society, and the interralation between the two. No good scientist would claim that they have the answer to everything, every scientific conclusion is still a theory, and to claim that we know everything because of empiricism and/or science is missing the lesson of the Oracle, ala Aristitotle and Chaerephon.


This is the worst game 4 I've ever seen in the NBA Finals. The Cavs don't deserve to win the NBA Finals. Their defense is terrible to the point where it's embarrassing and George Hill needs to be cut. His defense on Curry has been awful. They need a legitimate scoring PG that will help Lebron out, not a one-dimensional, shy, tentative defensive-minded PG that struggles with his confidence and struggles to be aggressive. They need a PG that can create his shot off the dribble, shoot the 3, and guard the other team's best PG. George Hill is not going to cut it. He needs to be gone. They have some decisions to make during the off-season, and the first decision involves finding a legit PG that can play along side Bron.

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