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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

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"I mean I've already answered and answered and answered."

Behind her, the confident voice of her older brother questions her sternly, his voice balancing between manic and calm, "What are you?" Reen, stretched out over her brother Viserys' lap, lets her head droop lower, her long silver-gold bangs concealing her face from her brother's watchful and critical cneter.

Garret had been friendzoned, but he looked pretty happy that day. fine mom," I replied. It was Thursday, and she wondered how her friend and fellow slave, Norma was doing.

BANGBROS - Bridgette B Serves A Pair Of Huge Tits (btra15958)

"Naughty word, didn't mother teach you, not to use your mouth for such a foul language?" she mocked, giggling. In anv, his entire existence was patently unremarkable.

Tell Dave I've called in will you, and I'll see him down the pub tomorrow night, yeah?" Embarrassed, Jennifer found herself unable to speak or even move as she heard him walk to the front door and let himself out.

Never had a human experienced such pain before. He stood up, holding three large black binder clips. Now I was getting really nervous and had to stammer out my reply. "And he's walking this way!" She finished. Karina arrived, she was a little bit doubtful, but took ticket from her shoe and guide, a young woman, noticed this.

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Oh, that's nice? another opinion. Whenever you are ready to support your argument let me know.


YEP same Boo


We're human beings, we can control our own birth rate.


So, you believe that religions that believe in animal sacrifice are exempt from animal cruelty laws?


It didn't happen.


My gramdmother never had a public job in her life and there was rarely a time that I remember when she wasn't busy doing something


Start with rolling back some of the Dodd-Frank idiocy that has been killing small banks and then look at the billions that businesses have saved from the reduction in other Federal Regulations.


Exactly. The Jewish leadership was threatened by the numbers


You mean like when Obama threatened the coal industry saying if they built more coal burning electricity plants that he was going to slap huge fees on them for all the greenhouse gases emitted?


Because no one knows everything about everything. Science DOES try to explain things by studying evidence and conducting tests. Then they report on what they learned. Then others take that new information and do their own studies. It's called increasing human knowledge of the universe.


What fact shows that Mohammed did not fly to Jerusalem on a flying horse? Not belief. Fact.


Head nodding Maybe.


Lol. Soft is what we have these days. Real men of the past are few and far between these days.


Post on Disqus or it never happened.


"I must have played them all"


Surprisingly, I have not seen that at my Wal Mart. $hit on bathroom stalls? Check. Broken down carts with fat people stranded? No.


Run along Kaleb.


Only a person that doesn't know the Mother Goose fairy tales that atheist must believe, only think they are "critical thinkers". In reality they are only critical of things they don't understand.


Not exactly true because first of all if it is a belief, then it is not yet scientific; unless it has been tested and determined to exist. (actually)


I don't think Shannon accepts what I am saying to her...


So NY was isn't the biggest stage in the NBA?...Sorry but it's not Oakland and never will be.


I recall, both were engineers, now think of the reverberations from this to the families, of future talented, educated professionals, as they beg their sons and daughters, please don't settle in the US. Meanwhile Canada has opened new tech centers, as these young folks make decisions on their future, in the era of Trump


Not in this case. The cecal valves developed after lizards were isolated on an island and had a change in diet. But when they compared their DNA to their relatives they got separated from, who did not have cecal valves, the DNA sequences were identical


Well....he did Facetime me when he did technically he asked me to watch.


Everyone can have their personal religious or non-religious views, it's just that in the public arena, we need laws to ensure that everyone -- regardless of how they believe -- is treated equally (i.e., public places of accommodation must serve all of the public)


Except of course that the 1% only got 20% of the tax cuts which is less than their current share of all federal taxes.


i was humming the same thing....


Just like nobody knows gods do exist.


I keep a gun on my ankle. I have a shotgun in a hidden compartment by my front door.


Well, that's strange.


You are right, Debra. Even gay couples divorce. As for keeping one's zipper zipped, I think that that applies to men as well.


You reject Jesus Christ.That alone disqualifies you from being a prophet of YHVH God. You may be a prophet of a false god you have made up in your own mind, however.


Good morning CP


Hmm, did the one from the hometown of Ronald Reagan not even register? I thought we met our weekly quota.

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