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Thursday, June 28, 2018

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"That's a very open ended question that I will not get caught up in. Be more specific."

In a short space of time she had gone from innocent virgin to expert seductress. I put my hand over her mouth and said. I was mesmerized watching as Sofia's form continue to spasm.

That means I'm going to make your dick hard and get you thinking if you do things for me, I'll fuck you.

Swallowing Amateurs Cumpilation

He groans loudly above her, exhaling a deep breath. Kissing him was so passionate. Behind her, the confident voice of her older brother questions her sternly, his voice balancing between manic and calm, "What are you?" Daenerys, stretched out over her brother Viserys' lap, lets her head droop lower, her long silver-gold bangs concealing her mlm from her brother's watchful and critical eye.

Luke tk to ask the Robinsons for the money on his birthday, after coming home from his shift at the garage. Wanna join us. She wanted all of him. "That's enough. " my jaw dropped. But, that would be expected seeing as it's college; there's so many people walking around at every second.

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I support what my country actually stands for, not Trump's bullshit.


So, you're a 50 with no opinion or certainty one way or another on a generic creator?


Chappaquiddick: Power, Privilege, and the Ted Kennedy Cover-Up


Once they reach their teenage years, my "control" over their hairstyles was reduced to "don't do anything outlandish" and "I really enjoy you having long, beautiful hair - but I understand that you want to cut it because of gymnastics".-this is the way it should be because you are raising them to be able to make decisions


Historians generally agree that Herod died at least 4 years before Jesus was born so the story is almost certainly not true. The whole birth story of Jesus is probably a fiction written to fulfil Old Testament prophesies. Jesus was, in all likelihood, born in Nazareth in a very ordinary way.


I had to read that out loud. ROFL <3


"I doubt sciences say much, if anything, about why. Sciences would be more interested in what and how."


I wouldn't say nowhere, since at the very least it's entertaining watching you preen with the pretense of cogency and coherence. But don't let


Oooo, sorry mate, been there


"I'm not Jewish, and Peter in the New Testament made clear that sumptuary


Interesting reading. You know, in PA, we have state stores that sell alcohol. You have to jump through hoops to get a permit to sell it elsewhere (like at a grocery store). The article seems to indicate our state stores would sell drugs as well. Funny thing--state store revenue funds the state police efforts to enforce drunk driving laws. Kind of ironic. Also, we've been looking to get rid of state stores and look more like New York (selling stuff anywhere). They could empty out the liquor and fill it full of drugs. I'm not so sure about that one.


That's right. All assholes in here need to ride the NYC subways with pigs eating. Sickening


Roam, whom I assumed (perhaps incorrectly) was a woman. Also shannon who further commented on rape and it's being less common due to media coverage of war.


Only way I know is to read it in context and attempt to understand the intention of the author. In interpreting the bible, you have to discern what the author intended


I don't know either. My Mom is a saint for putting up with my Dad - so far her 3 kids have 77yrs of combined marriage years. They're not all bliss, and some are at low points, but it's possible that her long-suffering commitment has impacted our resolve too.


"You refute yourself."


I am aware - it's just complicated cause I've allowed her to become so dependent on me that now she has no ways to survive without me. I am not asking her to stay, I am just asking her how she's gonna survive.


Your looking for objectivity, like in mathematics. But like the concept of "beauty", morality is subjective and in the eye of the beyolder, guided by evolutionary predisposition, culture, and personal preference.


I guess cognitive dissonance could be fun for some people. As me, and others, have already explained to you. The bible very much says women are to be ruled over and they have to obey their male counterparts


They killed so many folks they cooled the planet!


I can't explain the wind or the experience I had so magic (god) must have done it.


I provided the evidenced rationale for each of the points I have proven. You conceded this, in each case, by changing subject, and evading the prior point that you had previously considered central.


and there's the rub. False arrests.


I didn't say all black people are animals either. Learn to read.


lol "they don't like personally"


"not a cruel monster...and he punishes." ??


To be a prophet he should have said something new. He didn't. Except claiming that God prefer texts in Arabic. The entire idea is to force people to read Koran in Arabic instead of the Bible. A form of Arab nationalism. There is nothing else in that exercise.


EVIDENCE of an unnamed experience of beauty??? I'm merely pointing out your direct experience. Perceptions trigger a thought response, naming, like/dislike. Prior to the thought response is unnamed perception. The Buddhists call it "no thought-no mind" when you perceive without the on-going mental editorializing for extended periods of time.

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