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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

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"Partial honesty in the sense that you hold some untruths in my opinion. I don't think religion is unnecessary, or a scourge. And I don't think that I am a virus which the sooner I am gone is better."

Continuing to ply her cunt with his probing finger, Visery curls his left hand under her and around a young nubile breast, while cruelly saying to his sister, "At least you -look- fuckable.

That poor rich girl doesn't stand a chance with the two of them.

TeenCurves - Giving Thanks 4 Lola Foxxxs Phat Ass!

Emily is our fourteen-year-old daughter. Her toes curl and her hands brace against anything nearby, her body thrusting back on his cock, driving itself to higher-and-higher levels of pleasure.

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Nonsense, by that standard we would have to eject almost everyone from our congregations; the only thing that changes is the sin.


I never said that was my solution. I am asking YOU to stop playing games and just say what it is you think people need to realize, and what your solution is to that issue.


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There is no evidence of the existence of any of the millions of undetected and undetectable gods, goddesses and god-men/messiahs that have been invented by men... And that is the beginning and end of that discussion.


He died of shame.


Yeah, you might find a few women who do that. But the grand majority of women aren't making jokes at their own expense. And if you see women like that making jokes at their own expense? Then that tells you how deeply misogyny and sexism runs and how it's even managed to convince certain women to have internalized misogyny and sexism. But even if that's the case, the target still remains to be women. So maybe you could find it in your heart to find some empathy for the bullcrap women deal with. Thanks.


I wonder if his hardware is an artistic expression and a symbol of Christian ideals. Who would buy an unconsecrated screwdriver anyway, right? And I'm trying to figure out how he would know someone is gay. That level of stupidity is mind blowing.


When the alternative is armed robbery.


Praise be, brother.


There's not enough of her chest showing.

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