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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

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"She said she doesn't care about her family or her daughter."

She wanted to feel his hurt, his anger, his frustrations, his aggressions, and his happiness all over her. "There are three basic laws here" I said, "One - you will obey any and all instructions given by me.

He pants, breathless, before withdrawing his already limp cock from her nethers.

Tiny teen gets tight pussy destroyed by huge cock

"Nikkie. That's where I sadly parted from them. "He's back. She lay on the bed with me, cuddled me into her, and told me how proud she was of me and welcomed me to womanhood. His work roughened hands slid slowly up my sides to my breasts.

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That is really unfair.


Your ignorance of scripture is staggering,


First that whole story is just bullshit.


HA! That'll teach her for getting sick!!


Ok- good, I just wanted to be sure. Thanks,


Jesus is here with us that believe , by way of the Holy Spirit , which indwells those who accept Jesus as their savior .


Lol only you and a few others would be left by day's end.


I do agree it shouldn't relate to her punishment. I just think that it's relevant to the topic. You said it wasn't.


isn't the dress a little bit too simple i know it's elegant and stuff but i think it has nothing "special " about it i mean she's not even wearing a nucklace just to add something to the dress (it's my opinion and i am not trying to hate i am just curious why?? why this one ? )


>False, unbelief is a subjective choice that is not based in logic


I'm a 4.0 at being snarky.


Well, what else would anyone expect from a liberal, especially one that hangs out in Harlem, home to Al Sharpton's NAN?

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