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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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"Yes, but that's because Canadian shooters feel socially compelled to first introduce themselves, then announce their plans and finally ask if anyone would like to be excused before they start. It's probably not uncommon for them to help people out of the building first, too."

My eyes readjusted and the world came back into focus. Finally he said, "Okay.

"I remember really liking horsie. (The den is what the students called the "theatre. Daenerys whines and bucks invitingly at her brother, her loins burning, unknowingly desperate for her first ever orgasm.

It was my daughter's juices. And quite warm too.

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Do you want to get cheated on again?


One problem is, your immortal being with the capacity to create a universe, is obviously some sort of God character. However, you've instilled in this God character, human emotions and chacteristics, which are neither appropriate, nor fit the entity.


What do you consider as being "blessed"?


Of course it cost money to pay fair wages. Boo hoo. They have all kinds of ways to make that up. You probably think that the government should continue to subsidize these large companies. And then complain when people need the help. What kind of country do you want?


If 'it' interacts 'it' is dectectable and therefore proveable if it doesn't interact then it is no different than not existing at all.


How'd that work out for her?


Never in this country's history have we ever green lighted compelled speech. NEVER, until the LGBTQ communities introduced it claiming that its the only way to end harassment, discrimination etc. (no one is stupid enough to believe that...but I digress)


Trump going on and on about IQ's is truly a riot.


Seattle and New York.


It's still the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and accords with usage of the term scientism throughout the scholarly world, as you can easily check for yourself by using something like Google Scholar. The point about not needing a god to explain evolution has nothing to do with the use of the term scientism. I use the term to maintain science and rationality, as it's only damaging to abuse the scientific method. And there are definitely atheistic fundies, mostly in their dogma and desire to convert others to their cause. (though I think anti-theist is a more accurate term than atheist).


Actually, ice cream is pretty good proof. And Chocolate. Chocolate should be at the top of the list. Wine, I guess. But that's it.


Thanks Tex. You confirmed what I I always felt was true but I never knew for sure. Like Gracie, I don't have any credit cards either and always wondered if it was gong to be bad for me later on.


They won't feature a comment like that.


Stop funding and supporting wars in other peoples lands, and the refugee problem will go away. Overnight.


Meh, I think you are reaching with this one. PLENTY of pro sports teams are owned by conservatives and there are LOTS of conservatives among the athletes. Soros is barely known in the NFL or NBA. I agree that Hollywood and the kneeling players have pissed off a great deal of the blue collar folks who love the nation but that is no excuse for Trump's bloviating.


That's the right way to go about it melli. The absolute right way. Let the market decide. We can easily vote with our dollars.


Things didn't look that great from 500 - 1000 AD, either. Can you point to any western centers of enlightenment then? I can't.


all sit up and listen aloha is preaching again


NO. There are no contradiction in the Bible, There are things that "appear" to be contradictions on the surface, but the contradictions disappear when they are properly understood.


Nope, I just accept facts.


Are you not going to buy a house? It is the perfect HW gift... How about Home Depot's


Get a new boyfriend and new friends, that should be a fairly easy fix


We should take away healthcare from the +65 crowd. It's way too expensive, and with few exceptions, they aren't making useful contributions to society.


Doesn't the hypocrisy bother you just a bit?


May the force be with you. Always.


That's true, there isn't any way to tell how it works because it doesn't - cats don't come from dogs and an apple tree doesn't grow from a peach seed because God made each after its' kind.


Before you tell me about Jesus's promises, you should really show me that he is who you say he is.


Apparently you're clueless about what I'm saying, and I'm not going to expend the effort to educate you about your hypocrisy. Have fun ruminating about the Cons and ignoring when the Libs do the exact same thing, only worse. We're done here.

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