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Saturday, October 14, 2017

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"Ehhh, I dunno. I'm not exactly proposing that such a God exists, I'm more proposing what one should expect from such a God."

You sho-" "Last time I checked I was the only one who could kill whats knocking on our door and secondly I got rid of my demons. I don't mind trying," I said.

She ran her hands over Veronica's chest, seeming to take great pleasure from cupping the smaller but firm breasts in her palms and stroking in circles around the stiffly prominent nipples.

Sitting on my bed in the buff was Jimmy. Her paying customer must have been satisfied because he threw all his weight onto her and unloaded inside her now loose asshole before he got up. She was now standing before me in just her black stockings and stilettos.

" I replied. He loved her submission and obedience.

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1. What topics do you want to discuss more on the channel?.................bacon


Teej was making a cynical sarcastic comment, which many of us also do when we're frustrated over a situation. given the subject matter I imagine many people are grieving over this one and are just trying to express themselves. I'd cut him a break if I were you.


Sure. Conducted for immoral purposes but justified as moral.


I'm trying to talk to you because I like you and I don't want you to be gone.


Some people don't want to carry to viability.


:( Poor girl and I can't imagine how her mother feels right now. The sucky part about teenagers is once they make up their mind to do something, not much can stop them. You can be the best most skilled parent out there but it won't stop your teen from running away from you and making horrible choices. What a terrible situation :/


Lolol you?re so crazy....


Right from your first paragraph " you are disagreeing with the founders" you stop making sense.


I meant all of us. Trying to wade through his stuff is enough to cause a migraine.


Good Morning, Just take all of these excess degrees and store them up for winter. I do that and enjoy both seasons.


I farted therefore I Am.


My claim was "One doesn't have to be religious to find something morally repulsive, which is basically sin."


Indeed, the same YHVH God who created the universe with His own words, can make an animal talk if He wishes.

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