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Monday, October 9, 2017

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Fuzzy Lips - Episode 2 - (Uncensored)

""Bicoastal have all the power & money to buy votes & buy public "servants". "..... And MOST of us Have Jobs, Wives and Husbands "Sometimes Both" Raise our Children Pay our Taxes and VOTE.... Whats your point??"

Although your hand is average sized, it only goes halfway around its girth, so you timidly grip it and stroke the skin gently, some exitement returning to your eyes.

But I didn't. Luke knew that he would have to write the SAT's, something which he had no money for, and he prayed that he would be able to convince the Robinson's to lend him the money.

Fuzzy Lips - Episode 2 - (Uncensored)

The pair of them chatted, making small talk and generally having a gossip. "Are you sure you're okay. Veronica felt a sharp stab of something in her gut jealousy, she supposed, although why she should be jealous of such shameful harlotry, of an outfit that practically screamed I'm a slut spread me and fuck me!', she did not know.

you shouldn't have gone there let alone prowl. I eagerly complied and sze up.

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Socialism never works.


Good morning, hope everyone is well and has a nice day


Until they learned it was gay people getting married.


Conservatives never burned a cross on Obama's White House lawn, and even their relentless efforts to lynch him were largely figurative.


What about the motions condemning anti-semitism? Were they pandering to Jews?


Another aspect that's implied in the OP (but not explicitly stated) is the immense cruelty and misery involved with evolution. Not only is it inefficient, but that a good selection of the creatures involved possess a nervous system (i.e. a pain system) in an environment where the vast majority of them will be consumed by predation seems to be an absolute horror of a design. Such a god redefines sadism.


In my opinion, evolution by natural selection is safe for now.


I forgot, you think saying "Again-and repeating your same line" is a rebuttal.


So what? Hell, that strengthens my position. So, sure.. have it your way. "per Gould"


The "evidence" for God is the divine glow on the surface of every object which gives sanctity to everything. The "evidence" that the pudding is delicious is in the eating of it.


No. Mr. Smith has never ever, ever, ever been inappropriate or ever ever ever have done or said anything remotely sexualized to me. I assure you, it is not this. And Mrs. Smith has been like this toward other people too.


What male DNA did Jesus have then?

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