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Sunday, October 22, 2017

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"And how many kids would opt for this?"

"You certainly are, however if you want, I may return your eye. The old man kissed my neck between his gulps for Boyy. He quickly grabs the little tube of lubricant from the side table and rubs some on his throbbing cock.

He was undoubtedly handsome, charming, witty and debonair, and that was what had attracted her.

Blowjob Edge Cock Worship PMV Compilation

She also drank coffee, when two men approached and asked permission to sit her table. Mikey did some math in her head and realized that some time had gone by and that she was three days late for her period to start.

Her pink, almost invisible nipples were rock hard and pointing straight at me. and Ms. I sucked in a deep breath and turned away from the scene, and saw my Dad stood in the doorway of the kitchen. Of course, that doesn't mean they stopped staring at me. "SUCK!" comes the next command as I push my cock into your face.

He held onto my hips and flipped me onto my back. She continued only with soft strokes and an occasional flick of her tongue across the slit. His prick started rubbing against her tight little asshole now and she wasn't sure she could take his cock in there.

Blue Guitar Water.




Depends on your perspective. Some say that American bombings which kill civilians are terrorist attacks.


While hard-lining literalism can be an issue, there's also the opposite (and far more common) phenomenon that deserves attention.


Had to google that and though scrapple sounds great, Bacon it the King of Meat Candy!!!


Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Cam; This post has gotten scrambled up. I was writing to enoch arden.


Did it ever occur to you that if someone could, there would be only one religion?


None of the above. We simply do not know. A 1 may be appropriate but still pretends we may know something. We simply do not.


Remember when you cheered for ghetto trash(Obamas) killing cops? And dick sucking porn stars?


As most pregnancies are early the fetus is not torn apart. Parts are not sold for profit, this is a lie.


It would be interesting to see someone legally challenge that. A prohibition from exercising your legal rights seems kind of illegal..


I listen to this same BS for 30 years. Jesus spoke in a language that people of his day understood. It would be useless for Him to do other wise. Lets be honest, you are not that ignorant?


They would be wrong then. It would not be racism just like it is not racism when Sarah was asked to leave. The owner of the restaurant stated her reason so no need to wonder why she did what she did.


I don't see it often out in public, but I do see it in YouTube comments when it pertains to celebrity men. Not sure if that counts, though.


I can't date you because we are first cousins.


Lebron has had some ugly Finals losses


I'm so sorry to hear about that! You'll manage and you'll be in the thoughts and prayers of everyone here at LS. *hugs*


I agree Don.


Ah. I see the hate is part of you as well.


Disagreed, pretty sure he did "recognize the gravity' of his actions. Again this wasn't spur of the moment and he was a teenager.


The bible is 66 books written by many people over thousands of years. Who, in the Bible, told you that those 66 books were infallible?


The more you know!


Which is exactly what?


Who said this was a debate? It's your premise I'm trying to win. A debate implies you're going to stick to your point of view until the end. I'm simply having a discussion. I gave you a point of view, you dismiss, I don't care. If you want to feel you "won" then go ahead. Put a trophy up on your shelf if you like.


That simply proves that Paul's epistles predated the Gospels. The lack of biographical info is something scholars rely upon to date Paul's work. He only *should* have known the biography of Jesus if one accepts that he was divinely inspired by God to write the story of God the god-man. Why else would he have known it? He was a convert and it's undisputed he never knew Jesus the man.

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