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Saturday, September 23, 2017

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"Why would the Almighty NOT allow one to suffer according to their own will?"

Somewhat reluctantly she agreed. I've always thought you had great. Hmm.

Hot ASU Teen 1st Assfuck - BRCC FULL VIDEO

As she dismantled the rifle and packed it away, she felt at peace. Her reply was firm, and still loud, "No, I am sorry I am so stupid. Bending over, she gripped the sill as he entered her from behind. And," she continued now looking at me. Outside it is dusk, but plenty of people, mainly men, see and hear the "tap-tap" of us walking slowly by.

We were both naked, just all over each other.

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No problem. It will be deleted soon though.


And the Protestants follow St. Paul and St. Augustine, both of whom predate the Aquinas tradition of the RCC.


"It's A Test!"


And he didn't get his Burger King Kid's Club Crown!


And what does the OFFICE OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS MANAGEMENT have to do with this conversation????


It worked for me! 20 years later and still married to the gal who chanced that ride.


Gotcha, I'll delete my initial comment.


People are people. There are some who are right fighters and even if they realize they are wrong will NEVER admit it. They would rather go on defending their stupidity to their dying breath. What can you do?


The only moon someone from Scotland ever landed on, was their skirt-less backside...


"Scientific evidence reveals that unborn babies do, indeed, feel pain. With the advent of sonograms and live-action ultrasound images, neonatologists and nurses are able to see unborn babies at 20 weeks gestation react physically to outside stimuli such as sound, light and touch."


I think I agreed with you.


I based my opinion on his actual post, not what anyone else tells me.


Atheism is not a "moral code". Why is it you do not bother asking Atheist's what if any morality they subscribe to? Many Atheist's are Secular Humanists and can explain very clearly why Hitler was wrong.


You want to shut them up. You put them down. You put their efforts down. You put their expression of their right to speech down.


Can you give me a link to where it said, in Colorado's pre-2016 legal codex, that a baker may not discriminate?


God does not exist. So arguing about what God might do is just retarded. Have fun.


Except your room has no space, no walls and your play doh doesn?t exist ??


Just to be a wet blanket on all of this, it seems like the court was simply saying that the previous courts did not give enough weight to the sincerely held religious beliefs and didn't act in a neutral way. I'm not sure if their ruling actually means that the baker was in the right.


First, it must be noted that he did not win the popular vote. He lost it by 3 million votes. That said, it was a close election. There were many, many factors that could've determined the outcome. Comey speaking about an investigation into Clinton's emails a week before the election, the electoral college favoring rural voters, new voter suppression laws, large numbers of voters who decided to stay home because Clinton wasn't an inspiring candidate, right-wing smears and lies about Hillary Clinton have been told for decades and may actually have scared voters, etc.


so your saying you had an image of thomas the train,pulling a train?,?


I was told I remained still enough that I don?t have to repeat them. Woot! One & Done! ?? Now I just have to wait for the results. These were repeats of MRIs they originally did in February. We?ll see!


Obama extended the bush tax cuts...Nice try though....


YOUR Pope Francis knew about this in 2014. Your Vatican knew about this in 2009. They did absolutely NOTHING to stop it.


If you were a Christian you ought to know that the OT was fulfilled by Jesus? crucifixion, which gave way to the NT.


I'm black... where the hell are these polls they always push out? Why has no one in my family or anyone that I know taken these so called polls? Cause honestly I don't give a damn about illegal immigrants. I'm very vocal about the biggest illegal immigrants being europeans that slaughtered the natives.

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