Zen Robotic is the music of vocalist, keyboardist and producer, Thom O’Leary.  Zen Robotic is currently based in Melbourne, Australia.

Lyrics are a key feature of Zen Robotic’s music, they are thought provoking and  emotionally engaging. Other key characteristics of the Zen Robotic sound are heavy driving synths, bass and drums.

During 2016 and 2017 Zen Robotic played several shows in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia and released their debut album on Friday the 17th of February 2017.

The band’s first album, which is self titled, features 12 tracks. ‘Chimera’, a song about identity and gender non-conformity is the opening track. The album then goes on to be split between songs with darker lyrical themes and songs with lighter, uplifting or positive themes. ‘Chaotic Intervention’, ‘A Flawed Human Being’ and ‘The Scars’ are some examples of the dark side of Zen Robotic, whilst ‘Looking At The Waves (But Missing The Sea)’, ‘Sunlight’ and ‘You Cannot Fight The Feeling’ are songs that embody the group’s lighter side.

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