New Music Video

Zen Robotic are looking to make a new music video.

Some key themes for the visual aspects of our act are: futuristic, sci-fi and androgynous.

As an independent emerging musical act our budget for the video is only a mere $1000. So we’re targeting student film makers or aspiring film makers.

We’re launching our debut album on February 17 2017, until then we’ve put more than half of the album’s tracks on soundcloud. In a couple of weeks the majority of these tracks will be taken down as we begin to promote them to the wider population and upload them to iTunes, etc.

If you’re interested in pitching to us.

– Come up with an interesting video concept for one of the songs currently on our soundcloud. (Looking At The Waves, Sunlight, Chaotic Intervention, Through The Market Place, A Flawed Human Being, The Scars)
– Give us a proposed budget for the clip.
– Send us ONE example of your previous work and tell us a bit about yourself and your film making style.
– Send your pitch to

Throughout 2017 we’ll be promoting our album initially throughout Australia and NZ and then internationally.

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